Neyakar is a small planet on a far edge of the Outer Rim and wild space.  It isn't on any major hyperspace lane and is therefore fairly remote.

Neyakar is covered by a great deal of water, with two major continents, one located on the northern hemisphere and one on the southern hemisphere.  The northern hemisphere is covered in rugged hills, mountains, and plateaus and is home to a temperate climate.  The southern hemisphere is about half the size of the northern hemisphere and is covered in mountains, jungles, and a frozen desert at it's southern-most tip.  Both continents are plagued by a season of lightning storms that ravage the landscape and make planetary travel very difficult.

The world was founded accidentally when Neyakar Novar's freighter had catastrophic navigation failures and was forced to crash land on the planet.  While he was there he discovered the planet was rich with Duralium, a common but valuable metal used to create armor, ships, and buildings.  Novar, being a fairly wealthy trader took the opportunity to spread the word about the remote planet to his closest confidants.  In a matter of about a decade a settlement called Sanctuary was built on the northern hemisphere of the planet, and almost a decade later the colony began to thrive thanks to the efforts of Stardust Mining Company.

The Neyakar system is comprised of an orange giant and six other planets, with Neyakar being the only one that is inhabitable.  Neyakar itself has a single moon.


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