Sanctuary is the settlement founded by Neyakar Novar and Ringda Naru located on the northern continent of Neyakar along it's southern coast.

Sanctuary is home to a variety of different races of people, including Human, Bith, Ithorian, Twi'lek, Mirialan, Toydarian, and more.  The settlements most populous species are the Humans and Bith, as both of these races are shared with the settlements founders.

Sanctuary's primary economic driver are the Duralium mines and Stardust Mining Company, and therefore much of the town's infrastructure and other wealth is centered around mining.  This isn't to say the town is without other forms of income; farmers and ranchers have found some areas of ground to be quite fertile for crops, new species of fish and other wildlife have kept fishermen and hunters busy, and smuggling has become an unofficial source of income for the small community.

Goods are shipped out of the settlement into various channels to be smuggled throughout the galaxy for the best prices.  This keeps the colony on a low profile while still being able to attract business from those who know the right questions to ask and where to look.

Sanctuary is home to restaurants, bars, a casino, a school, a clinic, a shipyard, shops, and more.  The town also has it's fair share of petty crime, though the small community does what it can to keep this aspect in check.


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